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We are not currently sending catalogs for our supply products such as frames, folders, key chains, crystal, buttons, heat transfer papers and much more.

Right now, the best place to learn more about those products is here at our web site.


QLT.COM is a world leader in the Photo Novelty industry. Our dropoutGS/Photo magic system incorporates three of the “hottest” products around today - Green Screen, Photo Flip and 3-D Photo into one easy to use package. 

Flick Books enables you to turn movies into Flick Books on-the-spot in seconds.The first Flick Book appeared over 100 years ago and delighted audiences back then. Today, the magic of Flick Books continues to amuse audiences regardless of age and gender. The old saying is true – “what’s old is new again.”

Our system catalogs are ready. Please fill out the Catalog Request Form below if you would like to request one.


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