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Photos taken by your photographer are sent wirelessly to the Zing It Kiosk

Three touchscreens of varying heights allow guests of all ages to simultaneously view, share and print photos, virtually eliminating lines

Prints wirelessly to built-in printer

Pictures instantly texted, emailed or posted to social media

Exterior personalized with your name, logo or brand

Zing It KioskDIYStarterProfessional
Photo Booth Tower Units (2 pieces)
Three 23.5-inch Touch Screens
Recommended Hardware List
Wifi and Ethernet Connectivity
Three PC Units, Wiring, and Hardware
Pre-Installed Software
Mistsubishi CPD70DW Printer
4x6 Media Kit - 800 Prints
Canon DSLR Camera
Studio Lighting
Backdrop & Backdrop Stands
Custom Exterior Graphic Design & Printing
Custom Travel Cases
Tech Support 1 Year
Total: $3,500 $9,900 $14,700